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"Professor Johnson provided great feedback and resources throughout the course to support our current areas of learning. It is the kind of feedback that you don't know you need until you get it. This sort of thing can only come from someone well versed in the material."

Excerpted portion from a recommendation letter from one of his PhD advisers:


Thank you for the awesome class, this sort of stuff helps my current career and I am happy to have been taught by you.

All in all I've enjoyed [your economics] book. I like that everything is relevant and on point. It's easy to read without distracting unnecessary information. Before this class started people were warning me that economics is difficult, and dry. I've honestly sort of enjoyed it and haven't found it difficult.

Whenever I had difficulties, you were always quick with responses and helped the best you could.

 The course overall has provided more in the way of resources and organization than any other course I have taken.

The discussion added to the experience of interacting with the other students and provided another facet for exploring economics. The homework and quizzes were well designed to test your knowledge of each of the chapter contents. Finally, the grading section was well organized, and clearly enabled a student to be able to check their progress and grades.

You went above and beyond to make sure your class is accessible, you’ve tried to figure out the accessibility portion relating to Mindtap. And for that, I am eternally grateful!

Thank you so much for encouraging me to reenroll back into this class, and for making me not give up easily! I’ve learned a few lessons along the way. I am very excited to have worked with you! And I will keep in touch in the future.


Dr. Rutherford is able to successfully balance a large workload and has a tremendous (and impressive) capacity to get things done (and done well).

Many tenure-track faculty would be envious of his scholarly productivity.

Dr. Rutherford is highly sought after for committees due to his strong work ethic, active engagement, creative ideas, substantive contributions, and an extremely large capacity to “get things done” (in a thorough and high-quality way).

[Dr. Rutherford’s] positive outlook is global and integrated; he looks for solutions and efficiencies throughout the department and campus.

[Dr. Rutherford] continues to have a tremendous (if not unlimited?) capacity to get things done (and done well).

Dr. Rutherford continues to have a quality-focused, dedicated, strategic, and student-focused approach to teaching. Dr. Rutherford was able to successfully manage his teaching work due to his strong organizational and time management skills, dedication, and student focus in the design and delivery of [courses].

The positive impact Dr. Rutherford has had through his important service contributions is acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

Our department’s success … in advancing our daily and strategic goals is in part due to Dr. Rutherford’s individual and collaborative efforts.





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