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Professional Summary

Rutherford Johnson is an exceptional leader with a record of success in positive, well-focused economic, geographical, and diplomatic research, teaching, and communications in diverse, fast-paced, and high-demand settings. He is an expert and leader in economics, economic geography, education, international affairs and diplomacy, reputation management, publishing, print media, web design, technical writing, editing, and graphic design, producing results that exceed expectations. Experienced in academic leadership and global non-profit organizations, he is also skilled in financial and human resource management, strategic and operational planning through professionally responsible and ethical methods. Johnson is a private economic, media, diplomatic, and cultural consultant, a writer, editor, designer, and publisher. He is also a recognized youth and civic leader.

Summary Experience

Research and application of behavioral economics, including deviations from classical rationality and the impact of social, cultural, and religious factors on economic decision-making.

Geographic and Economic Research for public and private organizations.

Technical writing for books, journals, proposals, contracts, grants, and presentations.

Artistic and accurate mapping from geospatial data.

Accredited media participant of the G20 Seoul Summit.

Taught graduate and undergraduate economics, business statistics, and mathematics to students from over 30 developing countries at an AACSB-accredited international business college in Korea.

Developed and implemented effective public affairs, programs using websites, internet media outlets, and social media.

Participated in multi-national conferences and meetings in China, Turkey, and Korea.

Field research on three continents.

Cartography and analysis of geographical and elevation data from LIDAR, air photos, and satellite photos.

Policy definition and implementation.

Staff training, development, and quality control.

Website media development for private and public corporations.

Video production.

Graphic design.

Economic analysis and data gathering for private, public, and non-profit institutions.

Authored or edited over twenty books; involved in publishing technical processes.

Multi-national culture consulting.